Thursday, January 1, 2015

Project 365

Okay, I'm doing it.  Today I begin a project 365.  Like many folks who embark upon 365's, I hope to improve my photography skills while documenting my life and family with at least one photo a day for a year.

I didn't make this decision until about an hour ago while reading about the link-up at Click it Up a Notch.  In the past I have succumbed to discouraging thoughts about taking on a 365, like how little time and even less daylight I have to work with on most weekdays, that a 365 will end up a series of photos of making dinner or bath time or making dinner or bath time, all with poor lighting.  While these and other negative thoughts shook their heads at me this morning, I looked from the couch, through the kitchen, and out into our entryway and saw this:

Jan 1

This is the vision that inspired me to finally take this on, the first photo I took in 2015.  It's an instance of my life, a moment of my family, framed by my view at the time.  That's the point, I thought.  I went on to take more photographs this morning, most of them technically better than this one in several ways.  But this is the one that started this new journey and is most appropriate to document today.  So here we go!

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  1. I think that's a picture that sums up perfectly what a project365 can be about. It's beautiful. Good luck!


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