Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dinner or Bath Time or Dinner

In my first 365 post I mentioned my concern that this project would end up a series of photos of making dinner and giving baths.  Time is pretty limited on "school nights," and mundane, repetitive activities like those take priority over most others.  For the sake of family life, we can make that time the quality kind as time together is time together.  For a 365, it could get pretty dull.

Jan 4-3
And here you have...dinner.  Sophie asked to help me make chicken and dumplings tonight, and I put her to work pulling parsley leaves off the stems, cutting potatoes from the sticks I prepared for her into cubes for the meal, and stirring the dumpling ingredients into a dough. When it came to eating the dinner we prepared, Sophie was pretty pleased with herself and requested seconds of her dumplings.

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