Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer 2014

I finally made taking some photos of Michael and Sophie a priority this morning.  I've been wanting to get pictures of them in the outfits they wore for my mom's retirement party since early June!






I've made the commitment to shoot entirely in manual this summer, which has led to....not a lot of usable photos.  Add in the fact that these two are even less cooperative about taking pictures than they were as infants, and I can get pretty discouraged.  Without Lightroom most of these were super bad, but I'm getting there.  Suckers as bribery were also utilized.

It's been fifteen years since my college photography class for which I shot entirely in manual, using an analog/film camera that offered no other option.  For the last few years I've shot in manual here and there but have opted for auto/no flash when shooting my kids most of the time, feeling satisfied creatively with the responsibility of adjusting the focus and composition.  I don't want to miss out on photos of them while I get my act together, but I know the only way to improve is to practice and be ready to do badly while doing so.  I'm not allowing myself to buy a new lens or camera bag (both of which we have budgeted for and are picked out) until I feel my work deserves them.  Tortured artist am I.  ;)

Still, these photos do make this mama (if not this photographer) happy, and really that's more important, right?

Must. Keep. At it.

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