Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cold Day

We have had four winters now during which I have crossed my fingers for as many snow days as possible so I can hang with my love bugs at home.  I haven't really shared the details of this phenomenon with Michael and Sophie before now as I don't want to suggest a negative view of child care, school, or work.  They just know that sometimes they get a surprise mama day, a whole day with me at home, when it's super cold or snowy

Over the last year or so, though, these two (Michael especially) have made it very clear that getting up and dressed in the morning stinks.  Thankfully they only have to do so three days a week, are happy campers by the time they are eating breakfast, and agree that school and friends and having lots of different kinds of days is fun once they get through that early hard part.

As Michael was grumping about putting on clothes on Wednesday morning, I told him the good news, that the weather report said it was supposed to be super duper cold on Thursday, so cold that my school might close.  He and Sophie were pretty excited about a possible surprise mama day, and it felt like a good time to share that some people think that if you wear your pajamas inside out and backwards and put ice cubes in the toilet at night that schools like mine will close.  

As we were leaving their Pre-K classroom, Michael excitedly recalled the plan.  After bath time, I just barely finished helping the kids into their jammies when I heard my phone buzz with the call.  We still did the ice cubes.  Couldn't skip the ice cubes.


  1. So cute. I love their jammie's and your story.

    1. Thanks! This Project 365 has rekindled my love of writing about these little experiences. If nothing else, doing so keeps them more solidly in my memory.


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