Saturday, January 24, 2015

Auto Show

We went to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit for the first time as a family.  Mike goes every year for work, but we thought this would be the year our car loving little boy would really get a kick out of going.  He was definitely into it, as was Sophie.  They raced remote control cars, sat in a few new models, and enjoyed their daddy's explanations of various displays that relate to his work.  Sophie really wanted to see an auto show, as in a performance of some kind, so we sat at a few demonstration areas along the way.

Twelve years to prepare for this as a reality does not seem like quite enough.

"If I had a million dollars..." I'd buy you a purple Bentley to match your coat.

As an extension to the Auto Show adventure, we took the People Mover to Greek Town for some saganaki.  We've been getting "Opa cheese" often at a restaurant near home, so it seemed like a good time to introduce Michael and Sophie to that area and grab some lunch.

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