Friday, January 9, 2015

Ballet Night


Sophie wore the purple leotard and tutu she got for Christmas from her lavender loving Grammie to ballet this week.  On the way out the door with her leggings, boots, and coat on and her tutu popping out, she said, "I look like Lulu!"  She meant Lulu from the Ladybug Girl books who wears a red tutu everywhere (along with ladybug wings, antennae, and polka-dot boots, of course).  Sophie was right, she did look like her, like my own little purple Lulu.

The room where Sophie's lessons take place doesn't have a window for parents to watch through, and we can only catch glimpses occasionally when the door is open.  Sophie was one of the first girls in the studio, and when she sat on the floor to do her stretches with no other ballerinas in view, I seized the rare opportunity for a photo.  While I would like to take most of the photos for this Project 365 with my DSLR, I'm cool with relying on my iPhone now and then.

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