Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Secret Garden

Since the weather warmed up way back in March, Michael and Sophie have been intrigued by our secret garden.  Ok, it's just the space between our garage and our fence, but they love sneaking back there to explore the leaves and flowers and all things overgrown.

We have a fantastic maple tree in our backyard that provides tons of shade and makes a summer afternoon beneath it feel less...suburban.  Yesterday the kids got filthy putting dirt from under that tree into their "new" sandbox (given to us by a neighbor) one plastic shovel-full at a time.  Sophie came to me with dirt all around her mouth, clearly having sampled a taste.  She and I were both pretty grossed out, but it's a rite of passage, isn't it?  Thank goodness for antibodies.

After that fun fizzled, Michael and Sophie took their garbage trucks (also given to us by that neighbor whose grandsons are outgrowing her toys) back to their little haven.

As much as I long for a new home, I'm reminded every day that the big joys of life have little to do with where you are, especially since my peanuts can make a paradise out of an alleyway.

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