Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Carrie met Aidan

Twelve years ago this summer, Carrie and Aidan got together.

During that same summer, Carrie and Mike got together.

After closing the restaurant where I waited tables and Mike cooked, servers and bartenders, cooks and managers would change out of au jus stained t-shirts, have drinks, and dance until last call at one bar or another. 

On one of those nights, serenaded by AC/DC, Mike kissed me on the dance floor.  He called me the next day and we had a couple of beers on our night off, good mircrobrews I assure you.

On the phone and over those beers there was an ease and an attraction, no games, no drama, just talk of school and family, of the gossip we were fueling at the restaurant, and of the ease and attraction themselves.

Weeks later we realized we had to pick a date to mark when the relationship began.  We picked twelve years ago today.

Sadly, Aidan and Carrie didn't work out, but season 3 and this seductive melody will always take me back that summer in the city (and by city I mean Ypsilanti, of course).

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