Friday, August 17, 2012

My shorty-short hair!

I'm pleased.  I don't see myself keeping it this way for long, probably maintaining it for a couple of months or so and then growing it back out, maybe adjusting the color and/or fringey edges along the way. At that point my hair should be healthier than it was with all that ponytail madness, which was the main goal of this whole ordeal.

I was hoping for a little lighter and chose a swatch (Is that what you call those little loops of hair?) that looked significantly sandier, but I guess I'm destined for auburn. Lightening up a lot might have been too much for me to bear at once.

With headbands!

I did wake up at 3 a.m. with that oh-crap-I-did-something-nuts feeling, but when I saw myself in the mirror later on, no make-up, disheveled boyish hair and all, I felt ok with this. Kind of happy, really.  I had assumed that I would have to go with more dramatic make-up or be sure to always wear jewelry, but I think it looks fine, especially after my usual quick routine.

Mike is ok with this, has said nothing but nice things, but I know he prefers it longer. It will be again someday, I promise. ;)

Michael saw me last night; he was resting on Mike in the living room, not quite ready for sleep at bedtime.  I carried him to bed, which he went to without fuss at that point, and he stared at me with the silliest little grin.  I've never seen that expression before.  He was pretty amused. 

This morning when Sophie saw me, she looked a little unsure, raising her eyebrows and grabbing her own hair (nervous, perhaps?).  I asked her if mama's hair looked silly without a pony, and she nodded with a smile.  I asked her if it looked pretty, and she did the same.  Then Michael, ever the charmer, called out "Mama pretty!" from his crib.  He said it without coaching a few nights ago and a few more times this morning.  That kid is good for my ego.

I realized over the last day or so that I didn't share my original inspiration for this look.  Michelle Williams was part of it, but I never genuinely considered going super short until a couple of years ago when a little pixie entered my life and showed me how attractive and feminine the look could be...on a face similar to my own.

Photo by Alison Clair Photography

Serioiusly, I liked Sophie's newborn hairstyle!  At the time I was in the process of rapidly going from my heaviest to my lightest weight ever, neither seeming quite right for a short haircut.  Now that my face is back to normal (and sadly, my belly as well), and my hair was in need of some relief,  I figured I'd give it a go.  Thanks for the nudge, pretty girl!

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  1. It looks fabulous, Carrie! Great choice. I'm sad that you're already planning on growing it out!


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