Monday, August 6, 2012

Pink and Blue

Will this kind of thing ever stop making my heart soar?

Ever since I found those pink and the blue bootie Christmas ornaments on the day we learned that both Michael and Sophie were on their way, I just get all mushy when I see little representations of my boy and my girl.

My mom found these overalls on a clearance rack at Kohl's the other day.  She said they were right there together, both in size 24 months, just waiting for her.  The kids wore them today for another shopping outing with their grandma and me, and the twin attention was out of control.  When we stopped for lunch, they held my hands on the way to the restaurant bathroom, and one woman at a table we passed exclaimed, "That's the cutest thing I've seen in my enire life!"  She should have seen my Osh Kosh B'Goshed duo dancing to Celine Dion's rendition of "All By Myself" in the handicapped stall of the bathroom.  Apparently it stirred their little souls.

At this point, of course, "boy" and "girl' hardly define all that my kids are, but I gave in way back to pink and blue being their designated colors.  Families with same gender multiples often do that as well--Jack's stuff is green and George's is yellow.  It just helps keep things organized and sometimes helps everyone, even parents, tell identical babies apart.  I'm sure hypothetical Jack and hypothetical George's hypothetical mommy would get all sappy seeing items in their color combination as well. 

Am I right?  Are there any other MoMs out there who get sentimental seeing a mama duck with two (or three or four) ducklings, believing you know just how she feels? How about when you see your kids' colors?

Coincidentally, the kids' new favorite sleep time snugglies are the pink and blue bunnies that a student gave to me just before I went on maternity leave.  I'll have to tell her about that when school starts again. She was a freshman that year and will start her senior year in September...funny how that happens.  Funny also how the students I had that year are extra special to me.  I'm allowed to admit that, right?  They knew me when, you know?  : )

I saw this commercial on Friday while the kids were napping and I was catching up on some shows.  Even it stirred up my twin mama sentimentality:

I really wasn't planning on using Pull-Ups, but it appears that those who do get to live in houses with gorgeous built-ins where their twins peacefully share a room into the big kid bed days and go to sleep without much assistance.    Maybe Pull-Ups are the key to my dream future, minus the uber goofy husband.  Sort of.  ; )

Speaking of sleeping without much assistance, I plan to give a more detailed update on the pacifier situation in the days to come, but as predicted, today went better than yesterday.  Still not great, but I'll take better!

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  1. those are ridiculously adorable. when i see blue/green/red, it makes me happy. but we haven't been too insistent on keeping them in "their" colors. it's hard to find things in those colors all the time. sometimes there's yellow instead of red, or orange, or nothing at all. ah well. just as well they wear uniforms now. :D


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