Saturday, May 7, 2011

The First Mother's Day

With my second one tomorrow, I've been thinking back to my first Mother's Day. 

Michael and Sophie were about four weeks old, and although we had made a tradition of having family over for dinner on Mother's and Father's Day, I just wanted some family time with Mike and the babies.  That kind of time was new to us, and with Mike back at work, we hadn't had too much of it yet. 

The best gift Mike gave me was letting me stay in bed the night before.  Unlike our normal routine, Mike took care of all wake-ups and brought the babies to me only for scheduled feedings.  As if that priceless gift wasn't enough to make any new mom happy, Mike and the babies gave me a beautiful necklace and sweet cards in the morning. 

Later in the day my old friend Ali who had recently started taking photos professionally came by to take newborn portraits of Michael and Sophie.  It was a fantastic way to commemorate the occasion, and it just coincidentally occured on that day.  Had the sun shone better into our living room the day before, the pictures would have been taken then.

Here are a few favorites:

More photos from the shoot are on the photographer's website.

To see how much they've grown in one year's time, here's a video from just this morning :

We spent most of my first Mother's Day relaxing.  Mike made us a great meal that night, and the occation was just what I had hoped for.

This year, we're back to tradition and will have family over for dinner tomorrow.  We feel fortunate to have our family near and enjoy sharing Michael and Sophie as often as possible with those who love them so much.

Have a happy Mother's Day!

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