Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ahh, that's more like it.

A while back I mentioned that there were a couple changes I hoped to make in the nursery if I found the time.  Well, it turns out that when you get down to breastfeeding only twice a day, time seems to open right up...aside from all that other parenting stuff.

A Creative Memories consultant came to my MoMs meeting this week, and while I resisted buying anything or making any big plans for craziness like baby books, I did think of those sad scrapbook frames I threw together last month.  See, sad.....

So while Mike hung out with the babies this afternoon, I took a detour on the way to Kroger and spent a while in the scrapbook aisles of Michael's craft store.  I already had a book of paper left over from the nursery paintings (below), but I had to pick out embellishments for the frames. 

When I got home, Mike continued working toward husband of the year and let me play with my new toys while he fed, bathed, and entertained Michael and Sophie until that last feeding and bedtime.

I'm pretty happy with how the frames turned out.  I used the same newborn photos of Michael and Sophie's feet, but I ordered smaller ones in sepia to coordinate better with all the brown.  I printed their birth information in brown ink on green velum, added their names in copper letter stickers, and layered the same velum, textured brown paper, two coordinating sheets of scrapbook paper, and brown ribbon.

I couldn't put the frames back up up tonight since we put Michael and Sophie to bed before the frames were totally done.  But I also intend to spruce up the windows in the nursery soon.  Cordless, blackout shades are on their way, and I have an idea for adding a little color.  Watch for a third "finished nursery" post in the coming weeks which should include these in place.

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