Sunday, May 8, 2011

These Are Days

Until the summer of 2009, this song took me back to my teen years, to the mid-nineties when Natalie Merchant dancing atop a gargoyle was in regular rotation on MTV.  The song filled me with an appreciation for that moment in my life, for the energy of adolescence.

But on a Sunday morning two Augusts ago, I drove to Trader Joe's to pick up some groceries.  Driving there was the first time I had been alone since a little blue plus sign changed everything the day before.

On Coffehouse, my favorite Sirius station that plays acoustic mainstream music, often covers or rare performances of familiar songs, I heard this one...sort of.    It was a slower, more tender version of "These Are Days" than I'd ever heard before.  With the knowledge of my pregnancy just taking hold, the song seemed to have been adapted to that new moment in my life with words about pregnancy, motherhood, and how incredibly fortunate I was. 

This clip from Storytellers is the closest I can find to the version of the song I heard that Sunday morning.  Mother or not, I hope that anyone listening appreciates this instant of your life and the possibilities that lie ahead.

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