Sunday, May 29, 2011

Imported from Detroit

Introducing our family's new vehicle:

the 2011 Chysler Town and Country.

In my adult life I've driven a Honda Civic and then a Volkwagen Jetta.   I'm pleased that after my typical research, an American vehicle came out the winner this time around.

Mike and I considered crossovers, certified pre-owned vehicles, and other minivans, but with the fuel efficiency, safety features, stow-and-go seats and various other features not available in the others, the fantastic deal we got made this vehicle choice nearly a no-brainer.

While I wouldn't have minded a sportier ride, neither Mike nor I ever swore against driving a minivan.  In fact, having been kids in the 80's, we both actually thought owning one as a grown-up might be kind of fun.

So far it is! 

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