Saturday, April 23, 2011


Like the Christmas party they threw back in December, the child care center that Michael and Sophie attend put on an Easter event today.  Initially we planned to skip it having already gone to an egg hunt this year, but when today's weather forecast looked amazing, we decided to go pet some farm animals and meet the Easter Bunny. 

We were lucky that both of Michael and Sophie's grandmothers could join us on such short notice.

Sophie and Michael are crazy about our cat these days, so we expected the petting zoo to be a hit.  They were into it a little bit, even called a couple critters "kitty" (more of a gurgling sound that we know means kitty), but like last week's egg hunt, we suspect animals will be a bigger source of excitement next year.

In one of our touch and feel books about life on a farm, the page with a patch of suede inside the shape of a cow reads, "Touch the cow.  Do it now."  Mike and I can't help but read that page in a Hanz and Franz accent.  The kids don't think we're funny, but we figure we'd better get used to that.

Touch the cow.  Do it now.

Our buddies have shown quite a bit of stranger anxiety lately, even toward grandparents and others they're pretty familiar with.  This made their one year photo shoot pretty much a bust and turned them into clinging monkeys for the first hour or so of their birthday party.  We totally expected to get one of those adorable screaming baby on the Easter Bunny's lap pictures if anything, but the enormous stuffed bunny who waved to them was apparently pretty exciting.

Here's Sophie's reaction:

 First she squealed.

Then she pointed.

Then she nearly leapt from my arms to get her hands on the bugger.

Despite the lack of pictures for proof, Michael got a big kick out of the Easter Bunny as well.

Happy Easter!

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