Sunday, April 3, 2011

More nursery

I remember feeling a little guilty back when the babies were eleven weeks old and I finally finished decorating the nursery.  Now they're eleven months old and I finally finished it again.

The wall above the tall dresser needed some attention, and it took me this long to work out the puzzle.  I wanted to include photos, use the scrapbook frames I got for a shower gift, and display the snow globes the babies' grandmothers gave them for their baptism.  I also felt the need to repaint the mobiles to simplify the color scheme in the room, focusing on the brown and green that carry through to the playroom.

Here's what I came up with:

 I noticed that we kept putting pajamas and outfits on the dresser if the babies would be wearing them again, so I got a basket for that purpose. I also bought a basket for the kitchen, appropriately nicknamed the "take this sh** to the basement basket." If clutter is in the appropriate container, it's not really clutter, right?

Ok, here's how weird I am.  The only way this arrangement worked for me was when it reflected how the babies were in the womb.  Michael was head down and feet up, and Sophie was the opposite.  Do you see it?  I know.  I'm nuts.

These are, once again, photos from the newborn shoot with Alison Claire Photography.

There are a few adjustments I'm considering.  Hopefully I'll get to them before we reach the eleventh year.

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