Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Playroom

Our house and its rooms are all pretty small, so to avoid having swings, bouncy seats, and miscellaneous toys scattered at all times, we chose to devote the third room of our three-bedroom ranch to those sorts of items.  We call it the playroom, and some playing does take place there, but mostly it's a large and conveniently located storage room.

But I had to try to make it cute.

For this wall art I bought square frames and letters and painted them along with some craft paper for the background. I drew the mural details with pencil then painted them in and outlined with a large brown colored pencil.

This DIY wall art was inspired by this page in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog (and typing "Pottery Barn" for at least the third time in this blog, I'm feeling a bit obsessed...and unoriginal).  On that note, the rug and green bins are from there as well.

The tree is a vinyl decal.

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