Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Egg Hunt

Last year our new little family was invited to the first annual Easter egg hunt hosted by a friend, but because our new little family was a little too little and new at the time, we graciously declined.

This year Michael and Sophie are still pretty little, not yet walking, so we knew there wouldn't be much hunting done by our kiddos.  Still, Mike and I were happy to get together with friends for brunch.  This mama loves her mimosa.

The hostess of the party sent a text the night before ensuring that the party would go on rain or shine, so we should bring winter clothes and rain gear.  That's Michigan for ya.  Luckily the rain...and snow...held off for the big event.

Mike and I picked up four eggs for Michael and Sophie, one for every hand.  They enjoyed shaking them to make the candy inside rattle, and after I stole their candy (choking hazard--it's my motherly duty), they happily sucked on the eggs.

The Easter Bunny was due to show up at 4:00 p.m., but Michael and Sophie were over an hour overdue for their afternoon naps when we left around three.  They slept like champs on the drive home.  We drove around running errands to stretch that out as long as we could.

The bigger kids clearly had a blast.  We're already looking forward to the third annual Easter egg hunt, knowing how much more fun it will be for our (gulp) two-year-olds.

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