Friday, April 22, 2011

Teeny Tiny Rotini Eaters

Speaking of what's for dinner, I put my culinary skills to work last night by browning some lean ground turkey, cooking some whole grain rotini, and tossing it together with a jar of roasted garlic tomato sauce.  I'm pretty darn remarkable.

An hour or so before, it occurred to me that the dinner we had planned for the night was just the kind of meal they serve at the child care center, the meals that Sophie and Michael will be eating more and more of now that they've crossed the threshold of one.

When Mike got home, I started cooking, and he stripped our buddies down to diapers (we knew we were in for it) and put on their sleeved bibs typically reserved for eating out.

And here's what transpired:

Yes, those are tomatoey fingerprints on Michael's forehead. 

They really did awesome.  They jumped right in grabbing the food,  and 90% of it went into their mouths.  We were all thrilled to eat the same meal together really for the first time.

Clean-up was a little less thrilling, but it was well worth it!

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