Saturday, June 13, 2015

Neighborhood Ice Cream Social

One of our biggest concerns about our new-ish neighborhood is how few kids there seem to be for Michael and Sophie to play with.  Mike attended last year's HOA meeting and learned that there are more families with young kids toward the back of our sub, but even with family walks and trick-or-treating back there, we just have not gotten to know them.

I was thrilled to see a sign at the entrance to the sub last week announcing that there would be an ice cream social in the neighborhood.  As far as I know, there have been no similar events here in years.

It turns out there are lots of kids here, and we are not alone in being somewhat surprised about that.  We met a lot of families last night and heard a lot of neighbors saying to one another, "Hi, I'm so-and-so.  I live across the street from you."  It seems a lot of neighbors are eager to connect more.  Last night seemed like a great step forward!

June 13

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