Thursday, June 11, 2015

Last Day of Childcare

I felt pretty emotional this week as Michael and Sophie's early childhood seems to be coming to a close.  There will be no more childcare center days, no more regular Grandma days, and perhaps a little less mommy-guilt as I enter the time when it is more widely acceptable to kiss my kids good-bye in the mornings.  The end of my school year is upon us as well, and there may actually be time to complete a full thought without eight or nine tasks to complete entering my mind.  I feel the need to reflect on this transition further before I try to express much more about it here.

June 12

June 12-2
We kept the kids in the same childcare center they started in as infants even after our move.  It was still on my way home from work and not too far out of Mike's way even after changing jobs, and we wanted to avoid having the kids change schools twice in two years (with kindergarten coming up).  Overall we really liked that center, especially the play-based learning and healthy snacks and lunches.  Michael and Sophie made friends in the infant room that they played with right up until this last day of pre-k.

June 12-3
That afternoon we went to play in the park in our old neighborhood.  It was a fun treat for all of us and really helped me to see how much they have grown and learned over the years.  I used to be so nervous letting my toddlers climb these structures!  Now they bravely slide down the poles, run back and forth from one structure to another, to the swings and back, and I hardly worry.

June 12-4

June 12-5

June 12-6

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