Sunday, June 14, 2015


We spent Saturday afternoon at the Detroit Zoo, mainly to see the animatronic dinosaurs on display there this summer for the Dinosauria attraction.  Michael's passion for giant reptiles (and the regular kind) is contagious and even led me to watch a TED talk on spinosaurus this evening.  By myself.  When I could have been doing practically anything else.  Contagious.

June 13-3

While the giraffes, polar bears, and reptile house at the Detroit Zoo still please this little family, the Dinosauria attraction was a nice addition to our visit.  We also paid to experience the Ice Age simulator ride.  Michael and Sophie really got a kick out of that, and Mike and I loved their belly laughs.

This also happened to be our first trip without the stroller or wagon, and we finally rode the train.  It just never fit into our visit before.  When we came out of the tunnel on that ride, I noticed Michael's eyes appeared wide and startled.  "You didn't like that tunnel, did you, bud?"  I asked.

He focused on me, and his cheeks lifted slowly.  "I loooooved it!"

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