Friday, June 5, 2015

After the splash pad

June 5
The kids' child care center has a splash pad. I sent swimsuits with them last week, brought the suits home for swim lessons over last weekend, and didn't send them back when the weather turned cold and rainy earlier this week. 

I bet you see where this was going.  

When the temps got into the low eighties yesterday, the kids' class suited up for water play...and Michael cried because he didn't have a suit.  They weren't the only kids who were unable to splash and had to resort to playing in the sand or climbing the climbers like normal, but they are the only ones who are mine, and I felt terrible.  I've always bought two sets of snow pants and boots for the winter to avoid this kind of trouble, but since splash pad time barely gets started before we're all home for the summer, we've never bothered doing the same for swimsuits.  

To make myself feel better (the kids were over it pretty quickly), we went to a neighborhood splash pad this afternoon as soon as I got home from work.  This grassy area was nearby, and the kids both enjoyed running around in it for a while once they lost interest in the water.

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