Monday, April 1, 2013

Out the door photo shoot

On the way out the door to Easter dinner, I stopped the kids on the deck to try to get a few pictures.  They were wearing sweaters that their Grammie's aunt made for them before they were born, the lighting was pleasant, and I've been relying far too much on my phone's camera lately.  It seemed like a good time to practice a bit.

Easter Porch 2-1

"Hold up your Easter toys!" didn't get the gleeful result I was aiming for, but I kind of love this anyway.

Easter Porch-2

I cropped a few to 851 x 315 as potential Facebook cover photos.

Easter Porch-3

Easter Porch-4

The one above was me trying to catch Sophie giving Michael a kiss.  The contented look on his face as he waits for it and the way she looks like she's telling him a secret made this the cover photo winner.

Easter Porch-5

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