Sunday, April 7, 2013

Retro Rocket Rascals Photo Wall

3rd Birthday Wall-14

You know what's cool about record album frames?  They're 12 x 12, just like those big squares of scrapbook paper. 

3rd Birthday Wall-4

To turn our wall of album frames into a celebration of Michael and Sophie's upcoming 3rd birthday, I bought six sheets of scrapbook paper that coordinated with the party inspiration fabric (see below) and printed six of my favorite photos that I've taken of them in their 3rd year.

3rd Birthday Wall-2

3rd Birthday Wall-3

Surely anyone who's been in a craft store will recognize these little wooden pieces.  You can get all kinds of painted shapes.  It didn't occur to me how much of this arrangement has a "3" motif until it was up.  There are three photos of both kids, three colors of scrapbook paper, etc.  Like the other coincidental occurrances, I just thought two groups of three stars (67 cents each) would fill the spaces nicely.

We're having the kids' friend birthday party at a science museum, so I searched some rocket party ideas.  On GreyGrey Designs' blog I adored the vintage look of  the fabric on this drink tub (and the many of the party decorations, I later discovered).

So I got my hands on some of the fabric via Ebay ("Retro Rocket Rascals" by Michael Miller)...

Retro Rocket Rascals-1

...scanned it to make invitations at and some other decor (probably a future post)...

Michael and Sophie's 3rd Birthday Party for Blog

....and Mod Podged some onto a number three...

I traced the three on the wrong side of the fabric for both sides, cut little slits up to the shape, slathered the three and the fabric with the goo, and smoothed it all out with my fingers.  Some parts are a little bumpy, but that was my method.

3rd Birthday Wall-12

I originally hung the three with a yellow ribbon staple-gunned to the back and posted it here like that.  After seeing it on the blog, I realized I hated the yellow ribbon and changed it!

3rd Birthday Wall-15

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  1. Really cute Carrie! Love the idea of the record frames and the pictures are great.


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