Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Like last year and the year before we took Michael and Sophie to their child care center's Easter egg hunt event that includes an opportunity to sit with the Easter Bunny, crafts, snacks, and a small petting zoo.

The kids' interest in sitting on the bunny's lap has diminished more and more each year.  The best we could get this time around was a high-five for the bunny from Sophie which seemed much more like a defensive smack.

Egg Hung 2013-2

Michael and Sophie did really well with the egg hunt, though.  They both picked up a few eggs and kept their cool in the daunting crowd.

Egg Hung 2013-1-2

They enjoyed the animals, of course, but the turn-out was easily double what it has been in the past. It was hard enough just to get both kids a turn to pet each animal. Getting a picture from the other side without much interference was nearly impossible.

Egg Hung 2013-4

It was a sunny 50 degrees on Saturday morning, the warmest day we'll enjoy for a while.  Michael and Sophie enjoyed playing on the center's playground for a bit before we went to lunch with Grammie, Grandma, and Grandpa.


The Easter Bunny hooked the kids up with some favorites this year: A Thomas book and flashlight set, Dumbo DVD, and frog eyes for Michael, and a Ladybug Girl doll and book, Peter Pan DVD, and a butterfly headband for Soph.  They both also got the same Rice Krispy bunnies as last year (well, fresh ones) and colored eggs we dyed for the bunny on Friday.


Hunting for the baskets when the kids woke up will be a fun memory.  Michael matter-of-factly saying he didn't think the bunny came when we didn't find the baskets right away, and Sophie slowly pointing to the baskets on the kitchen chairs with a look of awe as she spotted them--kind of wish I'd taken a video, but the memory will do.  :)


Lazily watching Peter Pan, eating Rice Krispy treats, and blogging about Easter will be a pleasant memory as well.

Later today we'll head to Grammie and Grandpa's for Easter dinner!

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