Saturday, March 30, 2013


Until yesterday, I've been the kids' hair stylist, trained quite poorly by Pinterest and Youtube, and operating my salon from a beach towel in the living room. The results have been consistently disappointing, but after a couple of weeks of growth I tend to think my work's not so bad and am eager to hack away again once the looks become overgrown.

While hunting for evidence of bad haircuts past, I stumbled on this gem just begging for a comic bubble.
Because Michael and Sophie will be three years old in a couple of weeks (what?!), I thought it was time to seek professional help and more sophisticated looks for my kiddos.

I was considering Cookie Cutters when I checked with some mom friends (MoM friends, actually), for some recommendations. One gave Cookie Cutters a thumbs-up, so we went for it.


The stylists were great with the kids and gave good cuts. I was a little nervous about Sophie's bangs here, but they came out pretty cute.


I did hope to keep Michael's hair a little longer, but his stylist's version of "clean up the edges while leaving some length" was different from what I envisioned. She really did what she described, and my boy looks super handsome (how could he not, though, seriously?), but it is more of a big boy look than I had intended for him. I was diggin' his Christopher Robin do. But yeah, it was probably time.


The kids were able to choose a show on demand and a vehicle. Michael went with Super Why and a blue airplane.


Sophie chose a pink car and Sophia the First. She had never seen the show, just previews, and still calls it Sophie-Uh as she does all Sophias. :)


The big slide and toy selection out front kept the kids occupied before and after their turns in the "chairs." They also got balloons and suckers (we passed on the candy--they still don't really know much about it).

I printed two coupons for $2 off from the company's website, but when I handed them over I learned that booking appointments as I had rather than walking in gets you the same deal. They also gave me a coupon book and will send email coupons as well. This time came to about $22 + tip.

We'll likely return and start a new cycle of haircut habits.

The next post will include pictures from an Easter egg hunt that show Michael and Sophie's hair pretty well. Stay tuned!

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