Sunday, March 3, 2013


This upcoming week is that crazy one of the year when work consists of end of the marking period grading, lots of professional development and school improvement work during standardized testing, and afternoon and evening parent-teacher conferences.

These spring traditions tend to coincide with preparations for my MoMs club's spring mom-to-mom sale.  Since I'm selling again this coming Saturday, this week also consists of sorting, pricing, hanging, and arranging outgrown clothes and somehow baking and packaging bake sale goodies.

The first time this perfect storm came along, Mike had the audacity to be sent out of town for work.  With loving Grammie and Grandma pitching in, we managed that time, so we certainly will again.


I spent most of yesterday in our basement prepping for the sale and was surprised by how many pairs of outgrown shoes we've accumulated.  I've done some other sales and donating since my first mom-to-mom sale two years ago, so this is really only one year's worth.  With sneakers, dress shoes, boots, sandals, flip flops, and the occasional "can't resist" splurge, sometimes two sizes in a season x 2, it's really no wonder, I guess.  Thank goodness I get most of them for only a few bucks each at other mom-to-moms or at our local Once Upon a Child stores! 

My basement time was very productive, so now I just need to pack it all up and reassemble at the sale. Mike has even volunteered to do my baking.  Perhaps I made him feel guilty that first time around? ;)

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  1. I so wish we had a MOMs sale here. We have a huge consignment sale, but not much in the way of twin clothes, much less coordinating boy/girl clothes. :(


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