Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Day

Our first (somewhat) big snowman!

Sophie had a nightmare last night.  When I went in to calm her, she insisted that there were ants on her jammies.  Her crying woke Michael as well, so it was a long, long time before I climbed back into my own bed.  Thankfully a snow day was called, and I was able to sleep in a bit.

When I came out to the living room at around seven (yeah, that's sleeping in around here), Michael and Sophie ran to me with hugs and shouts about how quiet they were being for me.  Mike had already been to the gym, had shoveled the driveway (the snow was too slushy for the snow-blower), and he had fed and changed the kids.  None of that is terribly unusual, but a day off from teaching and a little extra sleep helps me remember that I'm a very lucky mama.


Michael has been pretending to be his hard-working daddy a lot lately, often putting on his Detroit Tigers hat, pushing a plastic grocery cart around the living room--complete with a baby doll in the seat, and announcing that he's Daddy, and he's going to work. Today Michael shoveled like Daddy, except he put lumps of snow back onto the driveway.


It's certainly no secret garden these days, but Michael and Sophie get a kick out of playing in the space between our garage and the fence in the winter as well.  Their joy still transforms that vinyl siding and chain-link fence into a wonderland, just a winter one now.

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