Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 Valentines

You may recall last year's valentines.

I put the project to work again around Christmas, using up a bunch of our broken, naked crayons.  Sophie had a crayon peeling and breaking compulsion for a while there, and as annoying as all those crayon wrapper scraps had been, those stocking stuffers were done in no time!

This year I made separate valentines from both kids.  Michael will give silly straws to his friends tomorrow.


I bought the straws at the Dollar Tree (5 per package, I think), created labels in PowerPoint, and printed them on card stock.  They say, "Sip, sip, Hooray!  Happy Valentine's Day."  A few cuts with the paper cutter and a couple hole punches later, and there you have it.

Sophie will give out bubbles.

Sorry for the not-so-great photos from my phone.  Upgrading that thing has made me a tad lazy in the picture department.

The bubbles are from Michaels craft store.  The labels are stick-on address labels that I use for everything (Christmas cards, invitations, etc.).  You can get those at any office supply store, and the packages will direct you to templates available online.  Sophie's valentines say, "Your friendship blows me away.  Happy Valentine's Day!"   The label edges started to curl up off the round bubble bottles, but a strip of clear Scotch tape was the perfect width to make the fix quickly and neatly.


  1. Great ideas! I'm pinning so I can remember next year!!

  2. Thanks for pinning, Sarah! You reminded me to add my "Pin It" buttons.


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