Thursday, February 14, 2013

To the tips of our toes

We also sent some valentines to the kids' grandparents this week.


Someday I'll get out the good camera again.

I'm not sure who got the most enjoyment out of these--the grandparents who received them, the kids who "made" them, or the mom and dad who got to hear the giggles while painting those footsies!

Despite looking pretty calm here, Michael's extreme ticklishness was a riot!

To avoid red footprints all over the house, we did the painting part of the project while Mike was home.  I put some plastic on the floor (a dollar store tablecloth bought for this kind of activity), set one of the kids' little chairs on it (important so their feet could reach the floor while seated comfortably and still), painted and stamped one foot several times on the several valentines (one for us to keep).  Mike then snatched that kid up to wash the red piggies in the sink while I got started on kid #2's first foot.  We repeated the process until all four feet had done their Valentine's Day duty.
It's too bad the grandparents thought these valentines were stupid and sent them back. 
Yeah, right.  ;)


  1. Those pictures are cutie wootie!! Happy Birthentine's Day! <3

    1. Birthentine's! I love it. I've had 35 of these and I don't think I've ever heard anyone call it that. :)


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