Monday, January 20, 2014

Our own Toy Story


 Heading out to the backyard to sled...

Sophie: Do we have two of these new sleds?
Me:  Yes, we do.  Do you know who gave them to us?

Sophie: Who?
Me:  Aunt Sharon.
Sophie: Aunt Sharon?!?  I love Aunt Sharon.
Me: Well, she and her two sons had these two sleds that they didn't need anymore, and they thought of two little ones who would probably have a lot of fun with them.
Sophie:  (thoughtful pause) Sophie and Michael!
Me: You got it, peanut butter.



  1. Precious! We've been gifted a couple of tricycles in the past from family who didn't use them anymore & they love to ride them inside and out, lol! It's always a blessing when toys get passed down, especially two of kind!

    1. I have a hard time resisting anything sold in pairs these days, especially used stuff! It's like hitting the jackpot.


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