Sunday, January 12, 2014

Living in During - The Blog

I took a step yesterday that I have been considering for a while.  I started a second blog, Living in During, which is devoted to our DIY and decorating projects.  I have imported posts on those topics from Shared and Doubled and have a couple of new ones scheduled to post on Living in During this week and next.  From this point on, that's where I'll share updates to our house, organization projects, and crafts that we undertake.  Shared and Doubled will now be devoted to posts about our family.

I believe this will allow me to write more personally on Shared and Doubled and to work on monetizing and increasing traffic to Living in During (I felt strange embarking on that for the family blog in the past).  There is likely to be some overlap here and there, of course, but I hope Shared and Doubled's regular readers will follow both! 

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