Saturday, January 12, 2013

Potty Mouth

On the drive home from work and the child care center the other day, Michael and Sophie were telling me about their days.  At one point Michael said, "something-something-something-great-big-shits!"

"Um, what, buddy?"

And he said it again.

"Did you play with a great big ship?"  I was hopeful, but knowing what he's been producing in the potty lately, I couldn't be sure.

"No, mama, something-something-something-great-big-shits!"

Saturday morning we worked this out.

Within seconds of watching the video himself, Michael's pronunciation changed appropriately.  It must be a great tool for speech therapists.

(And, yes, the paper tree and Christmas window decals that the kids and I put up are still in the playroom.  Add those to this weekend's to-do list...)

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