Thursday, January 31, 2013

A couple of updates

Sophie is doing much better!  Her fever went up and down for a couple of days, up to 103.1 when the meds wore off yesterday, but down to 99.0 all day today without meds at all.

Michael seems to be fine, but we know how these things go.  Every mood swing (and there have been a few) sends me for the thermometer, but he's stayed at 99 for the last few days as well.  Let's cross our fingers that he fights this sucker off--and Mike, my mom, and I as well while we're at it.  So far so good, but I know that's probably too good to be true.

I've heard several stories lately of kids in the hospital, lethargic and struggling with the flu, and of course stories of kids not making it.  Add in a fatal pile-up involving kids on a highway near work, and I'm hugging my kids this week feeling my gratitude for their health and presence in my life deep into my bones.

On a much lighter note, the other update I wish to share is about my stinkin' living room shelves.  All this time at home over the last few days with those empty vases giving me the side-eye drove me right to the nearest Dollar Tree for some flowers.  I wasn't sure I'd find anything that didn't look super fake and tacky, but I was pleasantly surprised what a $2 improvement could make.  Head back over to the original post to see.

Stay healthy, folks, and drive carefully, please!

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