Monday, January 28, 2013

Hands On Influenza

We went to the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum over the weekend and put our hands on all kinds of things, like...


...the steering wheel of an ambulance...


... plastic balls...


... and water table toys. 

While washing our hands on a potty break on our way out of the museum, it occurred to me that I probably should have put that hand sanitizer in my purse to use a few times earlier that afternoon.

Fast forward to Monday, and mother nature did a couple of remarkable things.  First she hooked me up with a snow day!  Gotta love an impromptu three day weekend with my peanuts.  Secondly...


...despite a pleasant morning of putting Pinterest ideas to work...


...and lounging in jammies well into the afternoon (Michael had to change out of his after getting lunch on his 'jama pants, but Sophie and I soldiered on), mother nature cranked our ear thermometer higher than I'd ever seen it.  Sophie woke up from her nap with a fever of 105.1.  She wore those jammies right into the doctor's office.

Turns out Soph contracted influenza B.  I'm doubtful that our sanitizer-free museum play time is really to blame with preschool playmates and teenaged students to consider, but it's crossed my mind again.  I've also been thinking of having the kids' birthday party at that museum.  Maybe we'll put handwipes in the goodie bags? ;)

Regardless of how the illness got here, we're hoping our vaccinations for influenza A and Sophie's prescription for Tamiflu keep her symptoms to a minimum and spare Michael.  So far she just has the fever (down a few degrees with meds), a runny nose, and the need for lots of mommy snuggles.

Looks like Mike and I are in for some more days at home as Sophie recovers, which doesn't sound so bad, actually.  I could use some more snuggles too.  Just feel better, Love Bug.  :)

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