Sunday, November 25, 2012


We've had a busy bunch of days, and I want to jot down some of my favorite moments before they slip away...

Wednesday - For this year's "famliversary" we once again went up to Frankenmuth.  At Bronner's the kids chose a couple of new Christmas ornaments, coincidentally (or not ;P) the same things they'll be asking Santa for this year--a Thomas and a mermaid

Apparently Michael enjoyed how I said, "Wow, look how huge he is!" as I pointed out a Santa statue in the parking lot when we arrived because he said that for every Santa we saw that morning!  There were more than a few.   

Thursday - We ate dinner at my parents' house this year.  Michael and Sophie were pretty psyched to eat some Thanksgiving turkey, which they did, but Mike's cranberry sauce was Sophie's favorite, and Michael couldn't get enough bread! 

Friday - The plan was for me to decorate the house for Christmas while Mike played with the kids in the basement, perhaps putting on a movie while he organized some stuff down there (they watched Cinderella).  When they came up to eat lunch, I scooted the kids to their table in the playroom since there were still bins and decorations scattered around.  Michael and Sophie have been admiring the decor over the last few days but they also remind me periodically with furrowed brows that "Mama made a big mess!" 

On Friday evening we drove through the Wayne County Lightfest.  The kids were way more into it this year than last year, and I suspect Wayne County will be getting another $5 from us at least once a week until Christmas this year.

Saturday -  We wavered for a while but have officially switched over from diapers to Pull-Ups and purposely used up all the diapers in the diaper bag in the process on Friday.  Both kids pooped VERY obviously during our lunch out with an old friend and her fiance on Saturday.  This brought to my attention that we neglected to replace those diapers in the diaper bag with Pull-Ups.  Giant diaper bag--no diapers.  It had to happen to me at some point, right? 

After some stinky good-byes and some diaper changes in a drug store parking lot, we drove to visit Mike's dad and grandma who are recovering from illness and injuries.  Mike's side of the family can't catch a break lately, but it appears once again that remarkable resiliance is in that blood.  Despite this troubling time, we had a fantastic visit.

All this traveling by car recently has created some fun little habits. I've noticed that Michael says "Woosh!" whenever we pass under an overpass. We convinced him they were tunnels and added that sound effect at one point when he was getting fussy. Also likely a result of time in the car, Sophie now sings along to the "Beast" and "Mermaid" soundtracks,  mostly just mumbling along, but occasionally really nailing a word or a phrase and turning this mommy to the mush that Disney intended.

Sunday - We woke up to see a dusting of snow on the ground this morning!  Michael and Sophie were very clear that playing outside was on today's agenda, and after a number of days of car rides and indoor play, they had the right idea.  We all had a great time running around in the fresh, cold air.

After one last lunch of holiday leftovers, the kids went down for a nap.  This afternoon is all about laundry, organizing, cooking some soup, and gearing up for a busy work week. 

I also hope to crank out another blog post to share some of those holiday decorations later this week.  :) 

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