Thursday, November 8, 2012


Spending my days teaching adolescents has honed my ability to appreciate the intentions of infuriating questions and to answer them in a patient tone with the hope of enlightening our society (usually). This is good, because as the mother of twins I get asked a lot of crazy, presumtuous, often intrusive, ignorance-inspired questions from "Are they natural?" (natural?) to "Which one is your favorite?"  This is from the general public, not just filter-free teenagers.
Probably an archetype embedded in our collective subconscious is the notion that twins are polar opposites, one good/one evil, one smart/one...not smart, one Elizabeth Wakefield/one Jessica.  Therefore variations of "Which is the outgoing one?" are pretty common questions as well.  Cautious of the effects of such labels, I've tried to resist pigeon-holing Michael and Sophie in any such ways. 
Then today they made these "monsters" while sitting together with no input from me aside from occasional help peeling the stickers from their backings:


Perhaps they do have some opposite tendencies.


  1. But wait... Is one more shy than the other?? Like, who gets into more trouble? Is the older one more bossy?

    1. Haha! You've been there. I can appreciate the curiosity, but some questions are just so silly! As if Michael's two minutes in the world before Sophie could have given him a sense of authority.


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