Sunday, April 1, 2012

Egg Hunt

Last year Mike, the kids, and I attended an Easter egg hunt at a friend's house and had a wonderful time.  We looked forward to going again this year, but I was hesitant for two reasons. 

1) The event was scheduled right smack in the middle of nap time. 
2) Mike would be busy helping his grandparents move.

I decided to be brave.  I gave the kids an early lunch and we left home with enough extra time to get a decent late-morning nap in on the way.  Despite entering the party with two toddlers glued to my legs, the kids and I had a lovely time once again.  They warmed up enough for me to have a mimosa, to inhale some brunch, and to even use the bathroom a couple of times while friends kept an eye on them.  When taking two toddlers to an event solo amid a quirky meal and nap schedule, one can't always count on these things!

I only brought our little Flip camera, knowing my hands would be too full to operate anything else.  As the hunt itself began I had the camera in my right hand, and Sophie and Michael each held one finger on my left.  Once they saw that everyone was picking up eggs, they let go and did the same!

This video was originally full of shakey-cam and shots of my feet, so please forgive the jerky editing!

If you're wondering, I did successfully distract Sophie and Michael from the other kids cracking open the loot.  The mysterious disappearance of their own eggs produced only a puzzled look on Sophie's face before toys and snacks won their full attention once again.

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