Sunday, April 15, 2012

Look out, Grand Rapids!

We were invited to a family wedding in Grand Rapids on the same day as Sophie and Michael's 2nd birthday, and having never really explored that city, it seemed like a great opportunity to put together a little family adventure.  We RSVP'd just for me, and Mike spent the full trip with the kids.

We drove into town during Michael and Sophie's afternoon nap the day before the wedding and explored the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park until dinner time.

We had a great time pointing out all the different colored butterflies in the Butterflies are Blooming exhibit. 

We spotted an orange Sopherfly on our way to the Children's Garden.

My little musical man enjoyed the drums and bells in the maze.

I imagine most families who visit have photos like this of their kids going in and out of the tiny gate at the entrance--kind of irresistable to little ones and their camera-toting parents! 

The next morning we went to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum, a hands-on space full of fun activities for little ones...

like a rainbow ball sorter...

...a giant bubble maker...

...and a kaleidoMichael!

After lunch the kids and Mike went back to the hotel for naps while I went to the wedding with my parents and brother.  Like our own wedding day, there were a few hours in between the ceremony and the reception, so we all met up again for an early dinner for Mike and the kids (and some local beers).  Then it was time for...


Even with a more traditional celebration planned for next weekend, we couldn't forget to eat sweets and sing Happy Birthday! 

It was then back to the hotel for Mike and the kids, whose bedtime is around 7.  They dozed off  right about the time the toasts began at the reception.  I held on for a few more hours. :)

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