Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Baskets

Here's what the kids found in their Easter baskets this year.

Micheal and Sophie haven't had much candy yet, and it still doesn't seem time to let loose with that kind of thing. I found some silicone bunny molds at Kroger a few weeks ago and figured I'd do something with those--banana bread, muffins, something like that--instead of going the chocolate bunny route this year.  I went with Rice Krispy Treats. 

The kids enjoyed them, Sophie more than Michael since his two-year molars and a cold are keeping him from enjoying much about life recently.  The kids actually found their baskets where the bunny hid them the night before (under their play table) before I had a chance to slip the bunnies in there.  They didn't seem to mind getting them separately.  :)

Michael also has an egg allergy, the kind where he gets a little rash if egg touches his face when he eats it, not the more severe kind that keeps him from eating anything with egg.  The doctor advised us to avoid serving him eggs on their own, but he should outgrow the allergy over time.  Still, Play-Doh eggs seemed like a better idea than hard-boiled and dyed ones this year, so that's what the bunny brought.  They should also provide a little fun for us while I'm home for spring break.

I held myself back from going too crazy in the Barnes and Noble kids' section, but I enjoyed picking out a few favorites for the bunny to bring.  There were a few other goodies I considered slipping in, but I decided to save those for next week (their birthday) or the week after (their birthday celebration)!

A work friend of mine lets her kids know that moms get the Easter Bunny and Santa's contact information before they leave the hospital with their new babies.  Her kids understand that she has Santa's phone number and the Easter Bunny's email address (he can't talk, duh) to let them know what her kids want and how they've been behaving.  Before Michael and Sophie were born, I questioned how comfortable I would be sharing these kinds of "secrets" with my own kids.  So far my kids don't understand these traditions enough for it to matter much, but I'm thinking we're going to dive right into this fun as they grow to enjoy it all more and more.

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