Saturday, August 6, 2011

Slouchy Stroller Solution

While I love our stroller for all of its other features, since we started using our Baby Jogger City Mini Double , I've been a little disappointed in how slouchy the seats are, how Michael and Sophie never seem able to sit completely upright.  I discovered on message boards that the 2010 versions of our stroller are sort of notorious for that, and the 2011 models came with boards to be slid into the seat backs.  You can order the boards from the manufacturer, from, and from other baby product websites for $15-20 each plus shipping.  Since we would need two boards, this would cost us about $60, and the idea of sinking that money into an already expensive stroller (thanks again, co-workers!) has kept me from diving into this option.

Thinking about this issue the other day, I wondered if Mike could cut some pieces of wood to slide in there.  Looking at the boards online, trying to find their dimensions, I thought, "They're basically the size of a plastic cutting board."  A moment later I was in the driveway where I'd left the stroller after a walk, opening one of the velcro backs, and sliding a cutting board back there.  Perfect.

Since we do need our plastic cutting board and we need two for the stroller anyway, yesterday we went to Home Goods, bought boards for $7 each, and easily slid them in for a quick trip around our local mall.

So if you also have a 2010 City Mini, consider this solution!

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