Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beach Buddies

After taking a few trips to the Traverse City, MI area as a couple, Mike and I agreed it was a region we would share with our children one day.  Last weekend we made that little dream a reality.  We traded in the wine tasting for sandcastle building and found ourselves regretting not planning a longer stay. 

Four years ago Mike and I celebrated our first anniversary at same hotel we stayed at this time, but back then we were disappointed by the hundreds of feet of ankle-deep water that stretched beyond the shore with no space nearby to fully immerse oneself...unless one was only a couple feet tall.  Back then I made note of a toddler happily splashing around in water up to her hips, and I'm glad I did.

This was Michael and Sophie's first beach adventure, and despite many stumbles face-first into the water, the only tears came when we carried our shivering buddies out of the bay.

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