Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our summer uniforms

If you see a mom in this...

...pushing a stroller with a little girl in something like this...

...and a little boy in a romper like this..

...then it's probably us.

When hitting this past spring's mom-to-mom sales, I tried to envision my then crawling Michael and Sophie as walkers, out and about in the summer.  This vision led me to buy two boy and two girl rompers, and that seller confirmed that they were the perfect choice when her twins were this age last summer.  That's the main reason I'm writing this post, for moms who are me one year ago.  It's helpful to know what you'll want down the road so you can scope it out either previously used or at end of season sales ahead of time.

The outfits above are from Old Navy.  I'm actually wearing that dress right now and also have it in blue from earlier in the season.  I'm a big fan of their ribbed tanks, yoga pants, and sweat capris too.  Most of the kids' rompers and Sophie's dresses are from ON as well, but we also have a few from Carter's, most bought second-hand, a few still with the tags.

The key ingredients I've aimed for in our summer wardrobes are jersey fabric and one-piece outfits for easy dressing and washing.  Jersey looks pretty good even after sitting for a few hours (or days) in the dryer, after riding in the car under seatbelts, and right out of the suitcase.  Additionally, the kids' gear is simple for diaper changes, my dresses and tank tops allow me to wear a decent bra, and all are super comfy to keep us from getting too cranky in the heat. 

If that mom with the stroller is me, she probably has a cinnamon, non-fat, iced latte in the stroller's cupholder to help with the heat and potential crankiness as well.  Our local Bigby Coffee drive-through probably recognizes our minivan coming down the road and starts preparing my accessory.

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