Sunday, July 17, 2011

Meet the new additions to our stroller family

With a turning radius, foldablity, and canopies that set it apart from most others, our Baby Jogger City Mini Double stroller is fantastic.  There are times, however, when one or two simple umbrella strollers might better suit the situation.  So we just bought two of these:
They're the Especially For Baby Lightweight Strollers from Babies R Us and were $30 each  (the wheels looked better to me than the $20 option).  We used them today to navigate the crowds at an art fair and found the canopies to be adequate, the storage bags to be convenient, and the joy of pushing only one child each to be a nice treat.  Michael and Sophie enjoyed being turned to face each other now and then when we stopped.

We also picked up a set of these in case joining the two strollers together ever seems necessary:
They're Munchkin Stroller Links.  We haven't tried them out yet, but they fit easily in one of the stroller storage bags and can live there until the need for them arises.

With the addition of a cup and snack holder to each (already had one), we were in good shape with these strollers.  They certainly don't have the durability or comfort factors of the City Mini, but it's nice to have options.  Maybe someday we'll go on a plane.  Maybe one day I'll go to the mall with just Sophie while Mike takes Michael somewhere equally stereotypical.  It's good to know we're prepared for such adventures. 

Our one complaint is that the umbrella strollers are clearly designed for shorties like me and weren't especially comfortable for Mike to push.  I found a handle extender we could buy and a how-to article about cutting the handles off an old junk stroller and fashioning something similar on your own, but we'll see if it comes to buying another accessory or getting all crafty.

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  1. Do you think you could use the stiller connectors on 2 single city minis?


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