Friday, July 9, 2010

Shakin' Booties

To be sure they're both near and safe, I usually put both babies in one of their cribs while I do diaper changes. Afterwards, we usually do some booty-shakin' while I sing an embarrassing medley of "Shake Your Booty" and "Dancing Machine." The babies have been near giggles lately when we do this, so after tummy time this morning, I set the camera up on the tripod, queued up a Youtube video on my laptop of KC and the Sunshine Band, and let the camera roll.

When I played back the video I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the babies were sort of dancing to the music on their own, so I filmed a little of that as well. If you listen closely at the very end, you'll hear some sound effects that Michael added. I wish it hadn't inspired me to stop rolling, because he continued on quite impressively for another 15 or 20 seconds. It wasn't me, I swear. :)

The video quality is disappointing.  I'll try Youtube in the future.


  1. OMG!!! How cute is this?!!!

  2. Carrie, they are precious. It is so great that you can post these videos for everyone to see. Back in the dark ages we just had to tell people about our babies progress! Keep them coming!

  3. They never disappoint in the cutest department. And I see that they like their book!


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