Wednesday, July 21, 2010

He did it!

Weirdest thing.  When Mike and I were discussing this week, what meals we'd have on which nights and so on, I told him I had a dentist appointment scheduled for Tuesday.  Turns out, so did he, one hour before mine. 

This actually worked out really well.  Mike went to the dentist right after work, and I brought the babies with me about 30 minutes later.  We knew the whole office would be excited to see the babies, especially the receptionist.  When Mike's appointment was over, he and I traded car keys, he took the babies home, and I got my teeth cleaned.  We couldn't have NOT planned this any better and purposely scheduled our appointments for January the same way.

I called Mike on my way out about what carry-out to bring home, and he told me that while he was playing with the babies, Michael got tired of tummy time.  I knew what he was saying: Michael rolled over for him.  I was happy Mike got to see it before me since he feels like he misses a lot while he's at work.  Still, with all the time I spend caring for the babies, it felt a little unfair not to get that payoff.  First Michael rolls over when I step out of the room, then he does it while I'm at the dentist. What's the deal?

As if he knew how much I wanted to see it myself, Michael rolled over for me this morning...twice!  Mike said his movement was very controlled yesterday, but it appeared almost accidental this morning.  He looked a little disoriented and started crying like, "Why the heck am I on my back now?  Who did this?"

Sophie looked like a little pro at holding her head up this morning and is starting to shift her weight a bit...shouldn't be too long for her now too!

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  1. Awesome! Sophie rolled over for the first time yesterday! And then twice more after that! Watch out - mobile babies!!!!


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