Sunday, February 7, 2016

Valentine Factory

Last year we were in Disney World for Valentine's Day, so Michael and Sophie did not give out valentines at school.  I did grab some Mickey and Minnie valentines at the Dollar Tree before we went, in case the kids did want to leave some for their school friends.  They didn't care, so we didn't use them.

Disney (147)

This year Sophie and Michael were perfectly happy using last year's dollar store valentines in kindergarten.  Let life be so simple in years to come!  They signed the cards over several weekends, glued on their classmates' names as their teacher suggested, folded the valentines closed, and sealed them with heart stickers from their kits, amused to consider themselves a valentine factory.

I was tempted to get more Pinteresty, perhaps reviving the crayon, silly straw, bubbles, ball, or puzzle valentines they (we) gave out over the years in child care.  This seemed like a good year to let that go, though.  The kids did fine writing out and assembling their valentines, and like so many tasks as they grow up, I believe this should be almost entirely in their hands now that it can be.  If they ask to do more next year, we'll likely go for it, especially if they're willing to do most of the legwork.


Their conversation while assembling their valentines was quite amusing.  Aside from Sophie mentioning once that a boy in her class told her she was cute and a few "I think I'll marry...." discussions, they've never talked about crushes and such before, at least not in my presence.  But as Sophie made out a valentine for one boy in her class, she said she loved him, that he was very kind to her and funny.  Michael said he loved a little girl in their class, and Sophie told him, "You know what you should do? You should tell her she's beautiful.  She wears beautiful dresses."  Michael said he would talk to the boy and make sure he loved Sophie back.  At that point I chimed in and reminded them that they are too young to worry about being anything other than a good friends to their classmates.  They agreed.
"K---- said I'm cute," Sophie reminded me.
"And you are, sweet pea."

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