Monday, February 15, 2016


On the way home from my birthday lunch at my parents' house yesterday, the kids crashed, as expected.  They didn't stay up late or do anything super crazy during their sleepover, but throughout the afternoon they were moody, not listening, and seemingly in need of a nap.

Today after lunch and some lazy playing as we had been doing all day on this day off from work and school, Michael said he needed a nap.  I offered to read some stories, the three of us snuggled on my bed like old times, and they the kids crashed again.

I didn't pump my fists or anything, but I did feel somehow victorious.

I've fallen behind a bit on my photo-a-day project (as always) and was counting on this little break to help me catch up.  It was a rare gift to be able to stalk my snoozing peanuts.  Here are my two favs.

Sweet face.
I took a bunch of photos, some kneeling by the beds, some standing on a stool.  I felt seriously creepy but loved the opportunity.  The shots from the foot of the bed please me the most.  Admittedly in the one of Michael I was trying to get his eye in focus, and I did in a couple of other shots, but ultimately the focus on the fuzzy red blanket resonated with me more.  The kid seriously lives in that thing.

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