Sunday, January 3, 2016


As we began taking ornaments down from the tree yesterday, Sophie suggested we listen to some Christmas songs.  I was feeling pretty over Christmas carols at that point, but I agreed that we needed some music and followed her suggestion.

Later on in our work, iTunes teased the Star Wars theme music, and it was exactly what we needed--emotionally stirring, nostalgic, and no jingling bells or holly.  I pulled up that station, and we finished packing away the lights and garland to the "Imperial March."  This could be a new tradition.

Despite spending most of this last day before returning back to work at home, I didn't remember to get out my camera until after dark.  That's why I need this project; I am out of the habit and need to deliberately fix that.  Lucky for me and my low light, Sophie and Michael were playing with a light saber M&M's dispenser that Michael got over the summer when I remembered my project tonight.

The kids have not seen any of the Star Wars movies yet.  It was a pretty solid part of my own childhood, but I recall not really following the movies' story lines until I was much older than five.  I also want to hold off on sharing that level of violence with them for bit yet.  So far Michael and Sophie's Star Wars curiosity has been satisfied with books and toys like that M&M's light saber.

When we were listening to the music yesterday, the kids were really pumped up, talking about how Luke and Leia are twins like them.  If I play this just right, my intentions for their 2016 Halloween costumes just might happen!

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  1. Ha! Looks familiar to the star wars toothbrush i gave to my son Andrew!


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